Creative Ideas for Handwritten Jewelry

Creative Ideas for Handwritten Jewelry

Whether you’re getting a present for a special someone or treating yourself, custom jewelry is the most perfect gift that comes to mind. Jewelry is the most transformative thing a woman can wear. It reveals personality and inspires originality. The best thing about jewelry is that you can gift it for any occasion!

Jewelry is most valuable when it is unique to an individual and tells their story in a cool way. This can be pieces that encapsulate a memory, a moment or an idea. With Capsul, you can transform these experiences into timeless and fashionable necklaces, bracelets and rings that you will wear every day. Our Signature Collection is the most popular collection because the pieces exclusively designed and can be cherished for years. The customizable handwriting jewelry pieces are casted in fine silver and can be casted in 14k gold or rose gold.

handwritten necklaceSignature Necklace

The signature necklace is quite special and can be customized with your own handwriting or our default handwriting font. Each piece is uniquely designed to encapsulate your style and identity. You can even take it a step further by getting a loved one to write your name on a piece of paper and have their font engraved on your necklace! You can use your child’s handwriting or your loved one’s signature from a long-lost letter.

Signature Bracelet

For some people, bracelets are their favorite type of jewelry. Like our Signature necklaces, Capsul Signature bracelets are chic and made to last a lifetime. Complement your style by wearing a special name, place or mantra on your wrist. Don’t have much time to look for a gift? Our Ready-To-Wear Signature Collection has ready-to-gift mantras like ‘Live Laugh Love’, ‘Tribe’ and ‘Squad’ that a sure to catch the eye of a trendy fashionista.

Signature Ring

The customizable signature ring is a great piece to personalize with your name or a favorite word. For example, you could have your mother write your name and send it to us to engrave so that you can cherish her handwriting forever. You can even design the ring as a daily reminder to ‘breathe’ or be ‘present’ in the moment. It’s also fun to design rings with words in foreign languages.

Handwritten jewelry is meant to exhibit personality and have eye-catching quality. Most of all, it’s beautiful and goes with absolutely anything. You can dress chic, street, professional or sophisticated – Capsul jewelry will always be the answer. It’s sure to make the perfect gift for anyone, even yourself.

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