4 Custom Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Pet Lovers

For many of us, our furry friends are truly part of the family. We think about our pets constantly even when we are apart and share many special memories during the years we spend together. Custom jewelry is a great way for pet owners to show off the love they share with their special animal and can also be a unique way to memorialize a beloved pet after they have passed away. These are our favorite custom jewelry ideas for pet lovers:

1. A Sound Wave of a Dog’s Bark, Cat’s Meow, or Any Animal's Unique Sound

Custom Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Simply record a sound from your animal such as a dog’s bark, cat’s meow, or parrot talking and turn the sound wave into a Custom Medium Classic RingCustom Medium Classic Cuff or Custom Sound Wave Necklace. You can also use audio from any video you may have of an animal to create the sound wave to be engraved. This is especially meaningful for pet lover’s who have recently lost their pet and want to be reminded of the special moments they shared with their pet each and every day. Shop Sound Wave Jewelry

2. Pet’s Name, Nickname or Initials in Blocks

Custom Block Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

Spell out a pet’s name or nickname in blocks that can be worn as a Custom Block Bracelet or Custom Block Necklace. Where applicable you could even turn a pet’s initials into block earrings or rings. Shop Custom Block Jewelry

3. Pet’s Name in Unique Handwriting

Custom Signature Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

Write your pet’s name in any unique handwriting and turn it into a Custom Signature Ring, Custom Signature Necklace, or Custom Signature Bracelet that can be worn every day. A pet’s name is often a conversation starter as people will wonder about the name you are wearing. Shop Signature Jewelry


4. Pet’s Birthday or the Day You Met Your Pet in Roman Numerals

Custom Classic Cut Out Cuff from Capsul Jewelry

For many people, the day they met their pet for the first time completely changed their lives. Turn this date into a Roman numeral jewelry piece and wear it close every day. You can also turn a pet’s birthday into Roman numerals that can be worn daily as a reminder of your love for them! Shop Roman Numeral Jewelry