5 Summer Travel Jewelry Essentials

Packing for a big trip requires planning and strategy. Of course you don’t want to forget anything or be left abroad wishing you had packed that third pair of shoes, but at the same time hauling around a huge suitcase from city to city isn’t ideal on a relaxing holiday. The best pieces to pack are multi-purpose and can easily transition from day to night and casual to dressy. We’ve pulled together a list of our five summer travel jewelry essentials to help make packing for your holiday a little easier.

1. The Wanderlust Necklace

Custom Signature Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

Small and dainty, the Custom Handwriting Necklace is the perfect every day piece especially if you only want to bring one necklace on your trip. Customize yours to carry a loved one's handwriting with you or any words that inspires you. We love this one customized with the word "Wanderlust" for travel lovers in Sterling Silver so can be worn on all your adventures without worrying about the plating color fading. This piece works well from day to night and can be dressed up for evening by layering with a longer necklace. 

2. The Locket Necklace

Capsul Locket from Capsul Jewelry

Another option for your go to every day necklace while traveling is the vintage locket necklace. The Capsul Locket Necklace is small enough to go with all of your day and night looks but also has a bit of extra shine. Add photos of a loved one at home or pet that couldn’t come along on the journey to wear them close to your heart. 

3. The Thin Classic Column Necklace

Thin Classic Column Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

Elevate your look in the evening with an additional layer across your neck. The Custom Thin Column Necklace turns a standard everyday necklace into a statement. This piece can be customized with a name, word, special date in roman numerals, or place and can serve as a great conversation starter when traveling solo or networking overseas. 

4. The Thin Classic Cuff

Thin Classic Cuff from Capsul Jewelry

Especially when wearing a summery dress, a bangle around your wrist creates the ultimate summer chic look. What would otherwise be a beach look becomes more pulled together and city appropriate as well. The Thin Classic Cuff is a piece that can be easily transitioned from day to night as it looks great with daytime patterns and compliments darker evening looks.

5. The Sound Wave Ring

Sound wave ring from Capsul Jewelry

Wear your favorite voice close no matter where you are in the world. This Custom Medium Classic Ring goes with any outfit all while reminding you of a loved one or special pet at home. It can be customized with any unique sound wave of a voice and engraved on the inside with a name or date as well.