Capsul Moments of the Month: Holiday Edition

This month’s Capsul moments feature our favorite custom styles to gift this holiday season with the stories behind them. Tag @capsuljewelry and use #mycapsulmoment on Instagram for a chance to be featured.


1. @reinaandcompany wears the word equanimity, as her Custom Signature Necklace, in her friend, @mnykcalligraphy's calligraphy. She says, "It means clarity and calm in the state of chaos and confusion. Let that sink in. In all the chaos in our world, to pursue calm and clarity. It grounds me. It centers me. And it's what I'm chasing in every moment. And it also reminds me of how I'm so imperfect but also have so many opportunities to grow." Photo by @photographybykamice.

Custom Signature Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

2. @ceerving turned her wedding anniversary in Roman numerals into this Custom Cut Out Ring.

Custom Cut Out Ring from Capsul Jewelry

3. @ygwengrace wears SGK, her sibling's initials on a Custom Block Necklace so that she can wear them close even though they are spread across London, New York, and Chicago. 

Custom Block Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

4. @blakemoseley wears the date he started his own business in Roman numerals on the Custom Thin Classic Cuff.

Custom Thin Classic Cuff from Capsul Jewelry

5. @annamavridis wears her son's birthday on a Roman numeral Custom Cut Out Cuff.

Custom Cut Out Cuff from Capsul Jewelry

6. @the.twomorrows wears the sound wave of her son saying, "I love you Mommy" on her Custom Wide Classic Ring.

Custom Wide Classic Ring from Capsul Jewelry

7. @haley_stutzman wears photos of her family in her Capsul Locket.

Capsul Locket from Capsul Jewelry