Capsul Moments of the Month: July 2018

We love hearing the stories behind our custom customer pieces! This month's top Capsul Moments feature our favorite custom rings with the stories behind them. Use #MyCapsulMoment on instagram to be featured next month.


1. @Helloerinv - Custom Cut Out Ring

Custom Cut Out Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Erin customized a Roman numeral Custom Cut Out Ring with the date she beat cancer. She also wears her name on a Custom Signature Necklace.

2. @Encouragefashion - Custom Medium Classic Ring

Custom Medium Classic Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Mackenzie customized the Custom Medium Classic Ring with lyrics from the first song her husband ever played for her, the 1975’s Falling for You.

3. @Anne_donahoe - Custom Wide Cut Out Ring 

Custom Wide Cut Out Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Anne customized the Custom Wide Cut Out Ring with her blog name, Californienne. Anne said in her post, “I started my blog in february 2017. it’s been a wonderful way to express myself and record memories of my travels.”

4. @Pilateswithashlee - Custom Wide Cut Out Ring

Custom Wide Cut Out Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Ashlee turned her business logo “PWA” into a Custom Signature Necklace and Custom Wide Cut Out Ring.

5. @Maddiejeanne - Custom Signature Ring

Custom Signature Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Maddie wears her dog, honey’s, name with a Custom Signature Ring.

6. @The.twomorrows - Custom Wide Classic Ring 

Custom Wide Classic Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Courtney wears a sound wave of her son saying “I love you Mommy” on a Custom Wide Classic Ring. She said in her post. “just like freezing time through images this ring has frozen his sweet little words and displayed them on jewelry, something I can look at and remember his little mouth saying those exact words!"


7. @Catcoura - Custom Roman Numeral Cut Out Ring

ustom Roman Numeral Cut Out Ring from Capsul Jewelry

Catherine turned her wedding date into a Roman numeral Custom Cut Out Ring.