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Capsul Moments of the Month: October

Capsul Moments of the Month: October

This month's Capsul moments feature classic horizontal bar necklaces and the stories behind them. Tag @capsuljewelry and use #mycapsulmoment on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

1.@thestylesauce wears her nickname, The Sauce.


2.@livelovecolorfully announced her second child, Olive's name with a necklace that reads, Story & Olive, which includes her daughter's name as well.


3. @theperfectedmess engraved an inspiring passage from the Bible.


4. @kayleehuey engraved the location coordinates from where she met her husband.


5.@thatssogold wears her wedding day in Roman numerals.


6.@emmymerrick wears the address of her first New York City apartment and the date she made the move across the country on the backside. 


7.@jboothyy wears the day she met the love of her life in Roman numerals.


8.@annamavridis wears her son's name and birthday.


9. @yiyizapata engraved the initials of each of her family members and numbers that remind her of them.

 Customize your own horizontal bar necklace here.

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