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Capsul Moments of the Month:

Capsul Moments of the Month: September

Each Capsul piece has a special memory behind it. This month's top Capsul Moments feature our favorite custom handwriting jewelry pieces with the stories behind them. Use #MyCapsulMoment on Instagram to be featured next month.

1. @haley_stutzman turned a love letter from her boyfriend into a signature necklace

2. @Nicolemiyuki turned her calligraphy into the word courage. "c o u r a g e - a little roar that is coming from within. When no ones looking, when it's just you. its courage and faith that will keep you going. And maybe you, like me, needed a little reminder today." - Nicole

3. @Danielleajoosten turned her boyfriend, a professional baseball player's signature into this necklace that she can wear at games to support him no matter what team he is on.

4. @Annemerilll turned her blog name including the unique font into this custom signature necklace.

5. @Thelifestylearchive used her signature for a unique take on the classic nameplate necklace.

6. @Vanjaja wears her Croatian birth city in her sister's handwriting. The sisters left Croatia as refuges in the early nineties. 

7.@Jacqueline_Shiffman wears κούκλα, which is a Greek term of endearment, translating to "beautiful doll" or "baby doll", often used to substitute English terms like princess & sweetheart. She sent us a page of her grandfather's music and we pulled individual letters from the page to create κούκλα in his handwriting

8. @Alongcamealeigh wrote out I love you so to create this piece that her daughter can treasure forever. "As some of you know, we lost my mother in law to pancreatic cancer very suddenly a few years ago. She wasn’t even 50.. We had no idea that she was silently being taken from us. It taught us firsthand that you never know what tomorrow brings, and I want to make sure that my kids have special keepsakes to hold onto when i leave this earth." - Heather of @Alongcamealeigh

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