Keep Your Sweetest Memories Close to Heart with Scannable Memory Jewelry

           2020 may feel like it’s been canceled, but your memories will never be. No doubt, you experienced a lot of memorable moments with your family while working from home and adjusting to the “new normal.” During these unprecedented times, even the smallest moments deserve a celebration. As we head into the holiday seasons, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on those beloved experiences and commemorate them  forever.


           Capsul’s innovative Memory Box and Scannable Memory Collections are the perfect way to keep those special dates, milestones, and sweet moments in one place, ready to be made into modern, timeless jewelry that lets you relive those precious moments anytime, anywhere. 


Simply navigate to “My Memory Box” to create your own collection of special moments to remember. Easily create Events and upload a photo, audio, or video clip to each event. You can also send reminders to yourself to update and create more memories. Imagine recording a sweet message for your children every birthday or a photo collage of your favorite moments each year. When you’re ready to turn your memories into a wearable keepsake, choose any styles from our Scannable Memory Collection and select the file from your Memory Box. We will generate an unique code to be imprinted on the jewelry. Once you receive your Capsul piece, download our free Capsul Mobile App and scan the jewelry to play back your soundwave or video anytime, anywhere.  You now own a true “Time Capsul” encapsulated with your favorite memories to Not sure where to start? See what others have made from their most cherished memories!


Rings: Customize our Wide and Medium Classic rings with heartwarming soundwaves, such as your baby’s heartbeat, your partner’s voice, or your children singing.


“The ring on my finger from Capsul is something that I will cherish forever. It is the sound wave of Bentley saying, ‘I love you, mommy.’ These words and this specific sound wave are something I hold close to my heart! This ring has frozen his sweet little words and displayed them on jewelry!” @the.twomorrows

personalized engraved rings


“When I heard that Capsul offered engraved soundwaves on their rings, I couldn’t resist! I wanted a promise ring to remind me of the obstacles I’ve overcome and the journey ahead of me. My soundwave features my brother’s words of encouragement. It’s a meaningful way to make a statement.” @ygwengrace


Necklaces: Choose from 8 different necklace styles to customize with scannable audio and video codes, along with other features like dates and handwriting.


“Wearing my daughter’s little voice close to my heart. I am in LOVE with how Capsul captured a sound wave of a saying Avalon & I tell each other and made it into a beautiful necklace I will have forever!! They certainly know how to capture what means the most to us and turn it into something we can treasure for a lifetime.” @lashestolullabies


personalized gold necklace

“I know all of you mamas can relate to having a million special moments and memories we’d love to capture and hang onto forever. With Capsul, you can do just that! This necklace is personalized with a sound wave of Macie saying, ‘Hi Mimi, love you!’ Her little voice gives me all the feels.” @threeclementines

custom gold necklace

Bracelets: Our Wide and Medium Classic Cuff bracelets provide a sleek and versatile way to keep the voices of your loved ones with you every day.


I got this bracelet as a gift from a friend. It reads a quote from a song that was the soundtrack to our travels. The quote now sits on my arm, and every day when I glance at it, I get a little smile. The best gifts for friends!” --Yvette


Our timeless scannable jewelry is the perfect gift this holiday and beyond! Spread the love with our Give $20, Get $20 promotion. Create some beautiful jewelry for yourself, then pass the treat along to someone else so both of you can finish 2020 in style and with your favorite memories closer than ever.