Top 5 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We’ve rounded up our favorite personalized gift ideas for Moms. Here are our top picks: 

1. The Soundwave Necklace

Capsul’s soundwave necklace lets you capture a special soundwave of a voice and give it as a delicate gift that mom will have forever. Any recorded moment such as a baby’s first words, a loving message from a family member, and even an old voice mail message from someone who has passed away can be engraved on a sound wave necklace.

Soundwave Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

2. The Handwritten Necklace

Customize a necklace with your handwriting, a child’s handwriting, or any font you like. Moms love to wear their children’s handwriting because it helps them freeze a special moment in time forever. Write out Mom’s name, favorite word, or mantra so that she can wear it each and every day.

Custom Signature Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

3. The Mini Block Necklace or Bracelet

Spell out mom’s favorite word, children’s names, or mantra in mini-blocks. The modern Mini-Block is a fun and chic way to accessorize. Though minimalist, these block pieces are an everyday style essential, adding charm to any ensemble.

Mini Block Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

4. The Roman Numeral Cuff

Elegantly memorialize mom’s wedding date, child’s birthday, or any special date in Roman numerals with a cut out cuff. These Roman numeral pieces serve as an everyday reminder of her most joyous moments.

Custom Cut Out Cuff from Capsul Jewelry

5. The Engraved Ring, Necklace, or Bracelet

Our engraved necklaces, bracelets, and rings allow you to express your love and creativity to the fullest. Put a smile on mom’s face with her name, a special date, a place, or nickname. Both sides of the pieces can be engraved meaning you can capture multiple memories in one piece.

Medium Column Necklace from Capsul Jewelry

Too late to order a custom gift? Check out our Mama Collection for pieces that are ready to ship and perfect for any mom.