Wear Memories, Not Scarves: Romantic Custom Jewelry for Couples this Fall

Fall is officially here, and it’s cause for celebration! This year, make your fall accessories about more than boots and scarves with some meaningful jewelry that keeps your happiest memories on your mind. Use our fall 2020 jewelry trend forecast to pick out the perfect accessory for yourself or your special someone to wear all season and beyond!

Romantic Jewelry Trends in Fall 2020

Custom Medium Column Necklace
 The perfect accessory to dress up any sweater and fall outfits! Commemorate your best memories with a customizable column necklace for your significant other. Simple yet stylish, these medium-weight column necklaces are perfect on their own or for layering with other fall accessories! You can make it uniquely memorable for your loved one by personalizing the front and back with important dates in roman numerals, your handwriting, or an engraved word. Customize it from start to finish by choosing your base metal and coating color for the perfect gift for yourself or your one true love!

Custom Envelope Locket Necklace
 No matter where the season takes you, keep your loved one close by with a custom envelope locket necklace. These gorgeous lockets look like adorable little envelopes at first glance, but they hold a special surprise. Inside, a tiny removable letter can be customized with an important date, a meaningful word, or even the handwriting of your special someone. Pick from gold, silver, or rose gold to complement your favorite fall colors!

Custom Cut Out Rings
 Nothing says, “We’re together” in a classier way than tasteful matching rings. Customize these cut out rings for you and your special someone with the memories that matter to you the most like an important date, a particular word, or the name of a significant place. These cut out rings feature your best memories in a chic way that’s easy to dress up or down with every fall outfit!

Custom Signature Bracelet
 Do you and your “boo” have unique names for each other? Give him or her a one-of-a-kind gift by turning that name into a stylish bracelet featuring your handwriting! These beautiful bracelets come in a style for every budget: choose a base level from 14K gold, sterling silver, or brass, and coat it in the finish of your choice. It’s the perfect gift to keep you on their mind all season long!

Custom Hotel Key Necklace
 Some memories are meant to be private. So give your loved one a secret message with one of our custom hotel key necklaces! These unique necklaces can be customized on both sides with soundwaves and scannable memories. Using our Capsul App, your partner can scan the unique code on their necklace to play back your voice, wedding vows, or even watch a photo collage—whenever they like! You can also customize either side with your handwriting, an engraving, or a particular date. This meaningful necklace is the piece they’ll wear every day—with or without their favorite scarf!

Custom Medium Classic Cuff
 Looking for matching jewelry that works for him or her? Try a custom Classic Cuff Bracelet. The timeless cuff design gets a romantic reinvention with Capsul’s customizable options and finishes including unisex favorites matte gold or matte silverChoose the perfect way to personalize each other’s bracelets by mixing and matching soundwaves, Roman numeral dates, each other’s handwriting, and engravings. You can even personalize the outside with one thing and the inside with a secret message! You’ll be wearing this timeless piece long after sweater weather is over.