Jewelry Care & Materials


Our jewelry collections are currently available in brass and sterling silver as the base metal. Our brass pieces are plated in 14k gold, 14k rose gold, or rhodium (silver). Sterling pieces can be left un-plated (silver) or plated in 14k gold or 14k rose gold.


Your unique Capsul creation can be expected to look its best with the care tips below. Extensive wear and contact with water, oil, lotion, and fragrance will significantly decrease the life of the plating. We highly recommend un-plated sterling silver if you plan on wearing your jewelry daily.


To ensure that your pieces remain in top condition, we recommend the following care:



Remove During the Following Activities:

  -  Showering, bathing, or washing your hands

  -  Exercising (salt in sweat affects plating)

  -  Applying perfume, lotions, oils etc.

  -  Sleeping 

  -  Swimming (especially in chlorine)

  -  Cleaning with harsh chemicals 

  -  Sauna or high humidity/extreme heat conditions


Store your Jewelry Separately

Keep your jewelry pieces in a closed box or it's own bag away from other jewelry, especially jewelry made with different colors of metal. Different metals can react and cause each other to oxidize, fade, or tarnish. 


Clean with Care 

Do not use chemicals to clean your plated jewelry. This will fade the plating. Plated jewelry should only be professionally cleaned.


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